10 Signs You are a Dolphin Trainer

you-know-you're-a-dolphin-trainer-when-pod-of-dolphins-jumpingYou Know You’re a Dolphin Trainer When…

Being a dolphin trainer is the coolest job in the world. Here are some tell-tale signs that you are a dolphin trainer!


1. You check your cereal bowl for fish scales.


2. You laugh when your friends tell you they had a long day at work.


3. You laugh harder when your friends tell you they can’t get their dog to “sit” on command.


4. You bridge your spouse when he/she brings you a sandwich.


5. You LRS that same spouse when he/she forgets to take out the garbage.


6. You make tan lines look good.


7. Sunscreen takes up a significant part of your monthly budget.


8. You’re surprised you make enough money to warrant making a budget.


9. Jumping in the water with a dolphin wakes you up better than a triple espresso.


10. Your worst day at work is still better than anyone’s best day at work.


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