11 Terrible Puns for Marine Mammal Trainers


Everyone loves a good pun. Well, not everyone. But I do! That’s why I wanted to share some of the best, terrible puns from the marine mammal training field! Enjoy! Or, don’t!

1. I did it just for the halibut.


2. Whale, it’s a long story.


3. That should seal the deal.


4. Let minnow if you can’t make it.


5. You did that on porpoise!


6. Bucket. (think about it)


7. We hit a wall, Rus.


8. You otter tell her if you’re going to be there.


9. The fact that we we’re both there was a fluke!


10. She is a fin-attic!


11. My favorite rum is Rost-Rum.


What are some of your favorite puns? Leave them in the comment below!




  • Trainer: “You would be surprised to know that our Jamaican dolphins are smokers”
    Guest: “Really! What do they smoke?”
    Trainer: “Seaweed.. duhh”

  • Jessie Gunderman

    Well using your terrible puns, I wrote a terrible story. I have no life XD

    “So what happened at the party last night?”
    “WHALE, it’s a long story.”
    “We’ll, let MINNOW if you want to talk about it. But I heard you acted crazy like a FIN-atic.”
    “Honestly, I was just doing it for the HALIBUT.”
    “You OTTER tell me what happened then.”
    “Well, I guess I accidentally drank too much ROST-RUM.”
    “Accident? I don’t think that was any FLUKE. I bet you did it on PORPOISE!”
    “No I didn’t! SEA, I ain’t LION!”
    “Well I guess that SEALS the deal; your kicked out of there forever.”

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