17 Photos That Make You Say ‘Aloha!’

17 Amazing Photos

Take a look at these 17 photos and you will want to leave the mainland and hightail it to the island of Oahu! These pictures showcase the true beauty of nature as found on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. You’ll also be introduced to some of the animals that call Sea Life Park, home.

If you use any of these photos, please credit Sandra Bingham and her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SandraBinghamNature

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1. Red Footed Booby Birds


Red Footed Booby Birds taking a morning flight in search of food along Makapu’u.


2. Breaching Humpback Whale


Humpback whale breaching off the shores of Waikiki. There is nothing more beautiful and powerful to watch than a whale breach. Which is why whale watching california trips are so popular!


3. Two Red Footed Booby Birds


Nest building 101. Two Red Footed Booby Birds working on their nest to raise their chick.

4. Laysan Albatross


The wingspan of a Laysan Albatross is over 6 feet! It is the largest species of seabird found in Hawaii.


5. White Tern Chicks


White Tern chicks. There is nothing cuter than these little puffballs.


6. Green Sea Turtle


One-year-old Green Sea Turtle. Sea Life Park hatches and releases hundreds of Sea Turtles back into the ocean each year.


7. Jumping Dolphins


World famous Wolphin and Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins jumping together.


8. La’akea, The Hawaiian Monk Seal


The Hawaiian Monk Seal, La’akea. She can often be seen on the North Shore. She is only one of 1,100 Hawaiian Monk Seals left.

9. White Tern


A white Tern flying overhead.

10. Kekaimalu, The “Wholphin”


Kekaimalu catching a capelin at Sea Life Park. Kekaimalu is a “wholphin” – half Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin and half False Killer Whale.

11. Hawaiian Monk Seal


Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach on Oahu.


12. Crab On The Edge of The Sea


Crab resting on rock.


13. Kekaimalu Performing a Flip


The Wholphin, Kekaimalu, at Sea Life Park performing a front flip.

14. Male Great Frigate


Male Great Frigate showing off his inflated gular sac.


15. Humpback Whale off Kaena Point


A porping Humpback Whale, common off the coast of Oahu.

16. Laysan Albatross


A Laysan Albatross spends some time in the trees.


17. Red Footed Booby Birds


Two Red Footed Booby Birds performing a territorial display.

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  • Correction: Sea Life Park releases hundreds of green sea turtle hatchlings yearly, with some seasons reaching up to 800. Not dozens.

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