Primary VS Secondary Reinforcers


Measuring The Reinforcement Value of Reinforcement [Warning: This post is more advanced than most of the content on this website. Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand everything. People who have read my ebook or worked in the animal training field will have an easier time comprehending and discussing this topic.] Recently I came across a paper I wrote when […]

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How to Get Scuba Certified!


Getting SCUBA Certified! Hi everyone! Recently, I asked one of the community members to share her experience getting SCUBA certified. As I have mentioned many times, getting your SCUBA certification is a must if you want to work with marine mammals. Most, if not all, marine facilities require this certification. Congratulations, Alyssa! And thank you for such great insight […]

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Information about Dolphins


Information about Dolphins Since dolphins seem to be the most popular marine mammal species, it is only fitting that we provide some information about dolphins! There is always some discrepancy on some information about dolphins. Just because certain dolphins can hold their breath for ten minutes, doesn’t mean that others can or that other dolphins couldn’t hold their breath even […]

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Dolphin Training Schools

dolphin trainer schools

Dolphin Training Schools: The Scoop Are there dolphin training schools? Well, kind of. Let’s take a look at your options in higher education aimed at preparing you for a job working with dolphins and marine mammals. If you are picturing a world with multiple dolphin training schools, equipped to give you a four year degree…you are sadly mistaken. In our […]

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Dolphin Trainer Salary


Dolphin Trainer Salary: The Facts How much is a dolphin trainer salary? A dolphin trainer salary can start as low as $8.00 an hour (minimum wage) increasing upwards of $35 an hour after building years of experience. This is obviously a large range, but new trainers should focus on the lower end of the spectrum. For an inexperienced trainer working […]

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Dolphin Trainer Job Descriptioin

former dolphin trainer

Dolphin Trainer Job Description: An Insider’s Look Each marine facility will have a very unique dolphin trainer job description. These job descriptions can vary based on which type of dolphin trainer position you are applying for (research, show, interactive, etc) and what level of experience the job requires. One dolphin trainer job description may include performing in front of thousands […]

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