What To Expect at SeaWorld’s Career Camp


SeaWorld’s Camp for Aspiring Marine Animal Trainers More than a year ago, I received an e-mail form Elijah Ozbat, an aspiring marine animal trainer, who discussed his time at SeaWorld’s Camp! With his permission, I have included this e-mail with pictures. If you are considering attending one of SeaWorld’s camps, read about Elijah’s experience below! You can also read Elijah’s […]

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SeaWorld’s History


Hi everyone! One of the marinemammaltrainer.com community members asked to write a piece about SeaWorld’s history. Below you will learn about how SeaWorld got its start and some of the great things SeaWorld has accomplished! If you are interested in submitting content for the website, you can message me here! Take it away, Kaylin! SeaWorld’s History By: Kaylin Williams Hello […]

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How to Get Scuba Certified!


Getting SCUBA Certified! Hi everyone! Recently, I asked one of the MarineMammalTrainer.com community members to share her experience getting SCUBA certified. As I have mentioned many times, getting your SCUBA certification is a must if you want to work with marine mammals. Most, if not all, marine facilities require this certification. Congratulations, Alyssa! And thank you for such great insight […]

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