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Hi, there! I look forward to hearing from you! Due to the large number of e-mails I receive, please allow up to 2 weeks for me to respond. If you are requesting help with a school project, please utilize the resources on this website and at


If you are serious about becoming a dolphin, seal, sea lion, or killer whale trainer, then you should purchase Wear a Wetsuit at Work: How You Can Become a Marine Mammal Trainer!

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Kyle @ MarineMammalTrainer . com


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  • So realistically I’m 23 and at the moment I am a lifeguard and yes like many this has always been a dream job for me but being here in the uk opportunity dose not come up and I carnt just drive to somewhere to find anything out I found this page from a video on you tube and I would just like to no what qualifications are needed or looked for and is there aprentaships or internships in this line of work the good thing is I am going too florid orlando for 2 weeks staying at the sea world resort and going to sea world so I can ask a little more then so any help would be brilliant thanks


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  • Hello, my name is Mackenzie Buchko. I am a formal high school student at west orange high. I am doing a project in my marine science class about careers in marine work. I have a few interview questions. Thank you so much for your time ‘
    What’s your name?
    What’s youf job associated with?
    What educational background was needed
    What have you accomplished to get to where you are?
    What’s your job description?
    What’s your job availability ?
    What would you say is your favorite part of your job?
    What got you interested in marine science?
    Again thank you so much for your time and contribution.

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  • Emily Rae Wheelwright

    My religion and working on Sunday clash quite a bit. Can you Please contact me at You have contacted me before on a different email but due to some isuses I have switched to this email.

  • I have just purchased your book Wear a wetsuit to work, and it has helped so far! But I really wanted to know why killer whales log? And last question, but when you become a trainer at SeaWorld, do you start at one, and move up to killer whales, do they put you in one, and you stay there? Because I would do any thing to become a killer whale trainer.

  • What is the best way to start practicing and preparing for the swim test at Seaworld?

  • hi, I really want to be a dolphin, seal, sea lion , killer whale trainer !
    what degree do I take at university ???
    I went on a school trip to university Suffolk today and realised this is a very hard job to find in the uk. I feel like moving to florida would be better as more dolphins live there. can you help ?

  • For my school project I’m researching about whales and which ones live near small islands can I interview a person about this?

  • Hello Kyle i need some information about whale behavior for a school project. I was wondering if i could interview you. please let me know . Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Kyle! Quick question, how old do you have to be for the student member to IMATA? Thanks!

  • How old do you have to be to come here and do u have to pass college to come here

  • Hi. I’m Haylee Cloninger. I am doing a school paper on a career of Dolphin Training. I need a few questions answered.
    What can I expect to do for day – to – day activities of this job?
    What can I expect for the pay?
    What do I need to do to be a successful dolphin trainer?
    What are some of the ups and downs of the job?
    Please email me the answers at

  • Hi! My name is Hailey Jackson. I am interested in becoming a marine mammal trainer and I had a few questions for you about the career field. My email is and my backup email is Thank you so much in advance for your time!

  • Hello, I am doing a project for school where we have to interview someone with the job that we want. I was wondering if maybe I could interview you. I have 20 questions and it can be done over email if that is more convenient. This is due Friday March 2nd so if you see this before then and you are willing to do it please let me know. Thank you,

  • I am a 49 year old woman and I have always wanted to have a career with marine mammals. I currently train dogs and horses. Is it too late for me to venture in to this field?

  • Hello. My name is golbarg. I am from Iran. I am thirty years old and am a swimming instructor. I would love to be a dolphin trainer and I really like this profession but I do not know where to start. And in my country there are no such facilities for women. Where can I go from abroad? Is it too late for my age? please direct me.

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