The Truth Behind Blackfish


Former Killer Whale Trainer Says “Blackfish is a lie”   Blackfish **It is highly recommended that you watch the video in addition to reading this article.** The sensationalism of Blackfish has created a major divide. There are those who believe killer whales at SeaWorld are mistreated and should be sent into the ocean, and those who know that all animals […]

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Information about Dolphins


Information about Dolphins Since dolphins seem to be the most popular marine mammal species, it is only fitting that we provide some information about dolphins! There is always some discrepancy on some information about dolphins. Just because certain dolphins can hold their breath for ten minutes, doesn’t mean that others can or that other dolphins couldn’t hold their breath even […]

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IMATA Soundings Available Online


The International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) announced today that their magazine publication, “Soundings”, would be available online. Soundings will no longer be mailed to its’ members. According to IMATA, this is part of “the transition of becoming an entirely digital publication…”. They go on to explain that “each upcoming issue will be announced via e-mail and available to IMATA […]

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Dolphin Training Schools

dolphin trainer schools

Dolphin Training Schools: The Scoop Are there dolphin training schools? Well, kind of. Let’s take a look at your options in higher education aimed at preparing you for a job working with dolphins and marine mammals. If you are picturing a world with multiple dolphin training schools, equipped to give you a four year degree…you are sadly mistaken. In our […]

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