The Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Marine Mammal Trainers

→ Are you unsure on exactly how to make your dream of becoming a marine mammal trainer a reality?

→ Do you know what to study?

→ What experience do you need?

→ How do you pass the swim test?

→ What should you say (and not say) in the interview?

→ Do you know the techniques used to train marine mammals?

You need to know all this…and much more!


That’s where Wear a Wetsuit at Work: How you Can Become a Marine Mammal Trainer comes in. As a marine mammal trainer for more than five years, I have worked at the largest and smallest marine parks in the United States. I have worked with penguins, seals, dolphins, killer whales and more. This book tells you all you need to know to become a working marine mammal care professional – from rescue, rehabilitation, and release, to shows, and training – this is the resource I wish I had when I was first starting out.

In This Book, You Will Learn…

– What all aspiring trainers need to know!

– The different types of marine mammal trainers!

– What formal education is preferred!

– The foundation of how professional marine mammal trainers train animals! This alone, is priceless.

– Information on the top three most popular marine mammals!

– A list of National and International industry associations and organizations. This list is much larger than the list available on this website.

– How to get animal experience!

– What other experience you need, and how to get it!

– What to expect in the swim test, and how to prepare!

– What to expect in the interview, what to say, and what not to say!

– Loads of tips to make your dream a reality!

– Stories from other aspiring and professional marine animal trainers!

– My personal story on getting my first internship, my mistakes, and my triumphs!

– Training vocabulary and definitions. You need to know these concepts before you can work with dolphins, sea lions, or killer whales.

– Much more!

BONUS***My Free Gift to You!***BONUS

I compiled a list of every facility in the United States that houses marine mammals. The list includes the name, location, contact information of each facility and what marine mammals they have. You can use this list to find job and internship opportunities near you! Anyone who purchases this eBook will get instructions on how obtain this list! It is my free gift to you!


This list is free regardless of which version of the book you purchase!

FAQ: eBook or paperback?


I want to help you decide if purchasing this book is the right decision for you and which version will be best to help you along your journey! So, here is some information that I think can help!


Q: I want to work with marine animals, but not sure if I want to spend money on the book. Should I?

A: This book is really for aspiring marine animal care professionals. If you are interested in joining the field of of rescue, rehabilitation, release, training, and more – then yes, I would suggest investing in either the eBook or paperback. If you are unsure if this is the right field for you, then utilize all of the free information on


Q: Won’t the paperback book be the same as the eBook?

A: Pretty much. All of the main content is the same. However, the paperback includes a foreword by past president of IMATA and author of Zoomility: Keeper Tales of Training with Positive Reinforcement, Dr. Grey Stafford! Additionally, There are brand new pictures of trainers, animals, and sessions in the paperback, plus, I think the book just looks cool – hahaha!


Q: How much does the paperback book cost?

A: $27.99 US dollars. I did everything I could to make this book affordable for as many people as possible. While I do make about $7 on every sale of the eBook and $8 on every sale of the paperback book – that money goes right back into to running this website and paying the costs associated with getting a book to print. As a self-published book, it was VERY costly to get this book in print. But! You guys said you wanted a hard copy version of the book so I wanted to deliver!

While I wish book sales were paying my rent each month, they aren’t. I made this book because it was the book that I wish I had when I was trying to enter this competitive field. I also wrote this book because we NEED the next generation of animal advocates to be educated and ready to take on the demands of animal care and conservation. Wear a Wetsuit at Work prepares you for this dream career.

If you can’t, or don’t want to, spend the money – no worries! There is always the chepaer eBook version and there is tons of free information on


Q: Where will I be able to purchase the paperback book?

A: The paperback version of Wear a Wetsuit at Work will be exclusively available on


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